Laws Railroad Museum Bishop Day Trip



Laws Railroad Museum Bishop. This is a great side trip while passing through or staying overnight in Bishop, California.

Thousands of travelers pass through Bishop on Highway 395 and miss one of the most interesting historic sites in California. The Laws museum and historical site preserve the Owens Valley railroad town of Laws.

The original depot along with other historical buildings are a fascinating look into the history of the Owens Valley.

Old number 9 The Slim Princess sits on a few feet of narrow-gauge track next to the original train depot. You can spend several hours exploring the buildings which include a general store, Wells Fargo building, bottle house and a miner’s shack.

Laws Museum displays over 20 buildings plus mining and farming equipment used in and around the Owens Valley.

Volunteers have finished restoring a 1927 Death Valley self-propelled car and plans are in the works to run track to the town of Bishop and have an operating railway. Take time out on your next trip to the Eastern Sierras and visit this wonderful museum.


Open all year 10 AM to 4 PM. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated and go toward upkeep of the site.

The Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site is located on land donated to Inyo County and the City of Bishop by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1964. The museum is operated by the Bishop Museum and Historical Society under contract with those two agencies.

By 1959, Laws was almost all but gone except for the depot, oil and water tanks and the turntable. As you explore the historic site you can still see these historic buildings along with a huge collection mining artifacts.


The gift deed from the Southern Pacific Company to the county and city reads as follows:

“In appreciation of the interest of Inyo County and the City of Bishop in preserving the memory of the Far West’s last common carrier narrow gauge railroad, the Keeler Branch, Southern Pacific Company is pleased to donate steam locomotive No. 9 together with other rolling stock, and the Laws Station building and surrounding installations for safe keeping in behalf of generations to come.”

Laws Railroad Museum is a fascinating place to visit while traveling through the Owens Valley. There are hundreds of railroad and mining artifacts covering the 11-acre historic site. Plan on spending at least a couple of hours exploring the museum and grounds.


Laws museum is located 4 1/2 miles north of Bishop on Silver Canyon Road, just past the Owens River where U.S. 6 makes a sharp turn to the north. Prominent signs at the intersection note the location of the museum.

The museum can be contacted by writing to Bishop Museum & Historical Society, P.O. Box 363, Bishop CA 93515, calling 760/873-5950.