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What Foreign Country Each State Is Most Similar To

1. Alabama and Finland are the winners You might be thinking what sunny Alabama and windy Finland can possibly have in common? Well, despite being so different in many aspects, they are similar in one…

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40 Things That Happy Couples Do

1. Do sports together It is great to cultivate healthy habits and share useful hobbies. Many happy couples are jogging every day or going to a gym together. Such activities are a great chance to…

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The Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State

1. Alabama – Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que (Decatur) The name of Big Bob Gibson has nearly become a synonym to the phrase “good barbeque” in Alabama. In 1925, he was the first to smoke chicken…

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The Most Interesting Maps Revealing the USA

1. The Highest Paid Public Employees in Each State Every job is important. Whether you are a teacher or a janitor, your job matters anyway. But when we think about public employees and the salary…

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50 Things Each State Is Best At

1. Alabama The highest rate of conceal-carry licenses in the USA is in the state of Alabama. It means that people there have an official permission to carry concealed guns. According to the statistics, nearly…

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5 Great Gift Ideas For Kids This Christmas!

1. Neon Sneakers Most kids hate gifts they will have to wear. Unless that’s a superman suit, of course. So, forget about sweaters, pajamas, boots, and similar items or at least leave this gift idea to…


One Thing You Should Do in Every State

1. Alabama Alabama is a state famous for its space camp. It is situated in the Space and Rocket Center. People who really dream of becoming astronauts have a chance to check out all the…


Top 40 Most Beautiful Cities in the US

1. San Francisco, California San Francisco has always been and still is one of the most beautiful places is the United States, with all its streets full of Victorian houses, cultural attractions, and unforgettable skyline….


Top 40 Weird Phobias That Really Exist

1. Philophobia If when thinking of love you don’t get those butterflies in your stomach but rather feel that there is a pile of broken glass inside, you may have philiophobia. It means a fear…